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Useful for makeup brushes, eyeshadow applicators and makeup sponges.

I clean my brushes every 3 weeks and sponges every week.


(Picture 2)

  1. Olive oil
  2. Facial Wash/ Any soap or cleanser of your choice 
  3. Tissue paper
  4. Newspaper
  5. Plastic Cup
  6. A bowl of Warm Water.


  1. Set up your cleaning area, with your newspaper laid out. (picture 3)
  2. Lightly oil  your tissue paper and brush over it with the dirty brush. This helps remove some makeup and condition the brushes. (picture 4)
  3. Use your facial wash on a wet palm and brush over it. Ensure it is well covered in the wash. I like a good lather. (picture 5&6)
  4. Rinse off in your bowl. You can change the water till your satisfied it is well rinsed. Ensure to not soak the whole brush in the water, to avoid affecting the glue that holds the bristles. (picture 7)
  5. Reshape your brushes.(picture 8)
  6. Place a fold of tissue in your plastic cup and place your brushes facing downwards in the cup to allow the water drain. (picture 9)
  7. Once brushes are dry, you can use them. (picture 10)

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